So you want to add evidence to the court record? Here's how:

1. Make a new notepad document, and put it where all your other word documents (intro.txt, scene1.txt) are. Name it 'evidence'.

2. Make sure to include the line 'include evidence' in your intro.

3. For each piece of evidence, you need to decide what name you want to assign to it. It's like your parents deciding to name you Dick Gumshoe from birth and they'll always refer to you as such, similarly, you assign any name you want to each specific piece of evidence you'll use in the game, and from then on you'll refer to the evidence by their assigned names. How do you assign names? Read the next step.

4. Open the evidence.txt, and for each piece of evidence, write three lines. They can be in any order.

set (ASSIGNEDNAME)_name (what will be displayed as the title of the evidence in the court record. NOT the actual assigned name.)

set (ASSIGNEDNAME)_pic (the name of the picture file in your ev folder. This will be the display pic of the evidence in the court record. More on that later.)

set (ASSIGNEDNAME)_desc (The description of the evidence, will be shown in game in the court record.)

Just key in any assigned name you want, and PyWright will accept it as the assigned name immediately.

Where you get the picture of the evidence, I hear you ask? Simple. Saluk currently has plans to allow you to download evidence directly from PyWright, but for now, go to Find the image you want, download the image into the ev folder, and PyWright will access the image from there.

Let's recap.


set CameraOldBag_name Camera
set CameraOldBag_pic camera
set CameraOldBag_desc A camera Oldbag forced onto me. Apparently can zoom to 1000x times. Probably a scam, though.

5. How about profiles? Simply add a $ sign to the end of the assigned name if you want that particular evidence to be in the profiles section. Then it's the same as the above.


set Oldbag$_name Security Lady
set Oldbag$_pic oldbag
set Oldbag$_desc I think her name is Wendy Oldbag. An unpleasant woman.

6. Whoah, we're not done yet. To add evidence at each specific point in the game, just type this code:


Once PyWright reads this line, it'll automatically add your evidence to the court record.

Note that PyWright won't automatically generate text in game that says "Camera added to Court Record" or anything like that. It'll just add evidence quietly without letting the player know. If you want the "Camera added to Court Record" thing, just use text effects. I'll make a tutorial on that, if I have the time.

7. To delete evidence, simply type: