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Note that many of these links are straight from Court-Records' links page, only they are a bit neater here.

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PyWright website navigationEdit

These links will help you navigate the PyWright website!

Links to Other CasemakersEdit

Oh no! Don't consider your other options! ...Just kidding! We will not stop you from taking a look a look at other casemakers, but come straight back to PyWright, OK? Hehe.

  • Let's Make Gyakuten Saiban! (By CAPCOM. Official Ace Attorney casemaker. Only in Japanese)
  • PWLib & AIGE (By KSA Technology HQ. "Technical" & "Advanced" Ace Attorney casemaker. Both are required to make Ace Attorney games. More harder to use than PyWright.)
  • Ace Attorney Online (By Unas & Spparrow. No programs to download, all online! Requires Firefox, as Internet Explorer can only play cases, not make cases.)
  • More casemakers will be listed as they are found!

Ace Attorney fansite linksEdit

Sites that are dedicated to Ace Attorney.

  • Court Records A major fansite. Includes a forum, the official media, character info and works by fans!
  • Ace Attorney Wiki Another Wikia wiki. Contains game info, character info, case info, gameplay info, location info, music info, CAPCOM info, works by fans and news!
  • Objection! Generates flash objection animations with the text you type in the box.
  • Phoenix Wrong Newgrounds Collection A list of most Ace Attorney flash animation parodies.
  • Turnabout Trust An Ace Attorney webcomic.
  • Objection A list of Ace Attorney fanfictions.
  • Gyakusheets Sheet music and midis of Ace Attorney music

Other links that are still related to Ace Attorney or PyWright linksEdit

Official Ace Attorney websites, websites dedicated to PyWright, other sites that don't fit in above categories.