You probably have learned the basic commands, how to add custom sprites, and etc., but do you actually have a solid plan ready? Let's check.

(Note: This guide is roughly generic - meaning that you should follow the same general steps for creating any type of story.)


Whenever you are going to make something with a story, you need to write it out first, noting out what will happen when, with who, why, how, and where. For example, during an investigation, what will happen when you present evidence to someone? You should write out all of the outcomes you want for each present screen, so then when you are turning it into code, you can basically copy and paste.

For example:


  • Present Badge - Talk about attorneys
  • Present important evidence - Gumshoe is on the prosecution's side, he will tell you that he can't help you
  • Present profiles - Talk about person presented or Gumshoe says he doesn't know who that is.

Preparing resourcesEdit

Here's a simple flowchart that explains what to do here.

PyWright flowchart

When you finish, all you basically have to do is write out what you've done into PyWright's scripting and then start your work!

Have fun!