Need help for stuff the tutorials and reference don't explain?

Things like the program crashing, how to do things, people asking if the stuff they see should be correct and the stuff from people who aren't experts and want to know how their problems can fixed.

Most of the problems listed here come straight from the PyWright website, but they are written here only a little bit "neater" and some spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as layout, is fixed.


Question Answer
I have custom backgrounds and character sprites. Do they have to be a certain size? How many pixels should each picture be? The screen resolution is 256×192, which is the screen resolution of the original games. You can resize the window, but this just makes the overall picture bigger or smaller and doesn't allow you to use higher resolution art. PyWright might allow higher resolution graphics in a later version, but that might lead to you making every graphic custom, such as the court record or continue button so that they can match the new resolution.
How do I add custom graphics and audio to my game?

Place your custom content into a appropriate subdirectory in your game folder.
Replace “mygame” with the actual name of your game folder.

Foreground items go in “PyWright/games/mygame/art/fg”
Background items go in “PyWright/games/mygame/art/bg”
Character folders (which contain all the sprites for your custom character) go in “PyWright/games/mygame/art/port”
Songs go in “PyWright/games/mygame/music”
Sound effects go in “PyWright/games/mygame/art/sfx”

Should my music be a specific format, like mp3?

Music should probably be in ogg vorbis format. mp3 is supported, but only on some operating systems and not on others. ogg vorbis files are always guaranteed to work anywhere PyWright does. There are free converters to change your mp3 into an ogg. Good information is on The Vorbis Website and it has some links to useful programs. Audacity is also useful for audio.

Can I have 3D evidence in my game?

3D evidence can be emulated by having different pictures of the top, bottom and other four side views of the object mixed with the examine menu.

Real 3D evidence was once possible and it is possible again now! It was disabled until just recently. An example is the "3d_real" PyWright example.

To make your real 3D evidence examine screen, you need your 3D model to be in the wavefront obj format. The free 3D program: Blender3D can export to obj files.

How do I make a Perceive scene? Perceive is a feature seen in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

The example for a perceive is in the beta 10.9 test game.

Download this game through the update service in PyWright.
Navigate to PyWright/games/beta10.9/percieve, and copy the intro.txt you find there, to your own game's folder.
Rename it perceive_sceneX.txt, replacing "X" with the scene in which the Percieve takes place, so that you can be more organised.
Then, edit the file and change each section that says “#CHANGE”so that it has what you want for your perceive.

You will also have to change the lines of text that the character is speaking, including which emotion they should be having for each line (also, make sure the animation containing the twitch is in the proper line)
You will have to change the character graphic that will be used
You will have to adjust the region for the twitch
You will have to make sure the script cleans things up in the right way at the end

Can I use copyrighted music in my games?

The engine doesn't recognise the music you use as copyrighted, so if you put the latest tunes or even some oldies in your game, you'll encounter no problems.

Maybe a little-known band, or you or a friend's band will let you use their copyrighted music if you have permission.

If you don't have permission, and you distribute games with copyrighted music, people can just take the song out of the game's folder, and that's pretty illegal.
(Although using the official Ace Attorney graphics and music isn't really kosher either. But it's not illegal, because if it was, casemakers wouldn't exist!)

Classical music isn't really copyrighted, but the performance you use might be, so instead use a midi of the classical composition!


Problem Fix

How do I add in the Franziska whip animation, if it is even there at all?

I Think you just use a normal Franziska whip sprite.

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